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I was in the process of finishing up a middling piece on the Turkish government’s feigned outrage over Monday’s Israeli commando raid.  It seems callously opportunistic coming from a party that refuses to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, has a long history of cooperation with Israeli intelligence, and an even longer one of brutality against the Kurdish people.  I got distracted when I came across the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affair’s Flickr page.  The images on display consist of a hodgepodge of weapons–most of which look less threatening than what Macaulay Culkin deployed in Home Aloneand a few particularly menacing brown-folk.  Even taken at face value, the amassed photographic evidence isn’t all that compelling, but for authoritarian personalities, minds stunted by blind allegiance to race and nation, no evidence is dubious enough not to exonerate the Israeli Defense Force.

From Ibn Kafka’s blog we know that even these photographs are deliberately doctored and misleading.  Let’s belabor that point:


According to this digital image’s tags, the photograph was taken February 2006.  But even if it wasn’t, it would seem wise, and not especially provocative, for people getting shot at to don bulletproof vests.


What innocent reason could there be for having an axe aboard a ship?


Here is the Israeli ministry’s caption, “Some of the weapons found onboard the Mavi Marmara, used to attack Israeli soldiers.”  Evidently, with North Korean aid, the jihadis have begun to deploy pepper spray without even opening the package.  Pepper spray: dangerous enough to strike fear into the hearts of the Israeli state, but not enough to make midnight short cuts through Central Park advisable.


These may look like glorified butter-knives, but as you can tell by the CD ROMs at the bottom of the image, these obviously had some sort of computerized honing capabilities.  Also, note the strategic placement of the Saudi flag and the keffiyeh.


Why ever would you need an electric saw on a frigate besides to cut the bones of innocent armed commandos?


Night vision equipment. Contraband, because only terrorists would want to see in the dark.  Wait, this one is from 2006 too.


This was a miniature Islamo-fascist’s battle axe.  They neutralized him with white phosphorus deployed from an eye dropper.

Back to the first image.  Even if time and space intersected in such a way that those bulletproof vests photographed in 2006 were miraculously on the Mavi Marmara, they wouldn’t have done the deceased any good.  Israeli soldiers executed nine aboard the vessel at close range with bullets to the head.  And now they mendaciously insult our collective intelligence. מספיק.  Enough.

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  1. To which I would add this truly breathtaking (and inadvertently hilarious) piece of IDF propaganda: http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=177445.

  2. A few days ago we were told the flotilla (“armada of hate”) had ties to al-Qaeda. What happened to that claim?

    • I’ve seen that claim about Al Qaeda, that it had ties to the Turkish relief organization that sponsored the boats, but this is usually how it is addressed:


      “The sixth ship, which had 600 activist Turkish voyeurs on board, is an entirely different story. Sponsored by an organization labeled the Humanitarian Relief Fund (I.H.H.), it is said to have ties to Al Qaeda. Which would be logical since Al Qaeda is an ally of Hamas. An intriguing tripartite liaison.

      But I.H.H. is also a satrap of the ever-more-Islamist government in Istanbul, which seems, in turn, to have volunteered itself as a front for jihadism everywhere, most especially in dealing with Iran and its nuclear ambitions. There is hardly a Muslim cause that the Erdogan regime in Ankara has not taken to heart and under its belt. (Recall that Turkey kept U.S. forces from traversing Turkish soil in 2003.)”

      So the best evidence Peretz can come up with for Turkish extremism and an attempt by the Turkish government to support extremists is Turkey not allowing the US to use its territory to launch attacks against Iraq. Brilliant.

    • Adrian, Al Queda has nothing to do with it. What the problem is, the muslims will destroy Israel, if given the weapons. They are sending thousands of small missiles daily into Israel. Obviously you have no problem with the destruction of Israel, eh?

      Here is the sendoff the “peaceful” aid ship got at Istanbul on their journey to break the blockade. Nothing peaceful here, shouting;

      the chant is:
      “Intifada, intifada, intifada!
      Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews!
      The army of Mohammed will return!”

      They could have had more lethal missles on board. It would not take too much for muslims to “act stupidly” as your president says about those he despises, and shoot those more powerful ones to Televiv and be blown to smithereens two seconds later. Now that would be a good reason for the ships to run the blockade in your thinking,huh? Israel provides a port just for offloading of aid but the muslims refuse and hurt their own by doing that.

      here is their video;


  3. Yeah, of course those items were actually on the boat. It’s the Israeli government’s claim that those items prove that the people on the boat were violent jihadists that’s absurd. Also, apparently the claim that activists on the Mavi Marmara told the Israeli Navy to “go back to Auschwitz” is totally false: http://maxblumenthal.com/2010/06/idf-releases-apparently-doctored-audio-press-reports-as-fact/

  4. Which totally makes sense. But still, a stupid reason to say “Turkey is bad, bad like Al Qaeda-backed aid groups.”

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