Editorial Committee

The YDS Activist Blog Editorial Committee:

  • Daniel HansonActivist Editor. 2012 Graduate of College of Wooster and former president of Wooster YDS chapter, currently working towards Master’s degree in journalism at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Jackie Sewell National Organizer of the Young Democratic Socialists
  • David RoddyBiology student, writer, and full time trouble-maker from Davis, California
  • Elizabeth Pride
  • Jason Schulman- On the editorial board of New Politics and Democratic Left.
  • Ryan Briles - Writer, activist, and musician currently living in New York City

Editorial Committee – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Monitors the content of the site and is responsible for making sure that certain issues and perspectives are covered.
  • Serves as the democratic decision making body of the "the Activist"
  • All EC members have access to the Blog and can post content.
  • Content is submitted to the Activist Editor (admin@theactivist.org) and it is then forwarded to at least one EC member for editing.
  • The Editorial Committee can vote to give writers access to the Blog so that they can post without prior approval from the EC (can also revoke access.) These decisions are based on simple majority rule with the editor serving as the tie breaker.
  • Changes to these policies shall require a two-thirds majority vote for passage.
  • Composition of Editorial Committee.
    • Activist Editor – Deciding Vote if tied.
    • Committee is open to YDS/DSA Membership only.
    • Minimum of 5 members of the committee, Maximum of 10

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  1. Awesome….. It feels great to get someone who has concern for issues that are generally overlooked. “No matter how pleasant something would certainly appear, there will always be a room for improvement” and you have obviously brought this out in this post.

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